A Favor, Please

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Everett in the projects 1975Hey folks, can I ask for a favor? My very best friend from childhood, he’s like a brother, has a birthday today. He’s feeling a bit low since all of his family is now dead as are many old friends. There aren’t many left to wish him a happy birthday.

Can you spare a moment to do so? His name is Everett, he lives in Chicago, and is the kind of guy who would give you the…

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Naked at Amazo

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[Note: This post is written by the webmaster after a brief conversation with FOMB.]

Yes, you read the title correctly — it isn’t a typo. If you haven’t heard about it yet, a play titled “Naked at Amazo” has been written about the historical issues surrounding the beach. Oddly enough, it opens during Nude Recreation Week (this week).  For more info,…

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Drones Over Nude Beaches-High Tech Gawking

Drones Over Nude Beaches-High Tech Gawking

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The eye in the sky

                                                                                      The eye in the sky

When I would go to Black’s Beach in La Jolla, California back in the day, there would always be some jackass above the cliffs with either binoculars or a telephoto lens gawking at the nude people below.  Now with technology, these perverts can…

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Our Petitions are still going!!

Our Petitions are still going!!

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Do you want to lose this???

Do you want to lose this???

Hi folks!

While you are at home due to the poor weather condition, please sign our petitions!

1.We don’t want RCMP stationing daily on Wreck Beach! Sign Here »

2. We don’t want possible toxic fill dumped on our recovering marshes! Sign Here »

Thank you for your attention and see you soon on the beach!


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